Get 1000 parts molded with tooling-

this size or smaller...

for only $4.90 EACH!


Better than 3D printing low volumes.

Watch this video and see how

you can get even lower ... to 65¢ per part!

And while you're here... get a free NERD tool to help you shorten your design cycle and save money.

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Get better molded parts with SUPERMOLD & NERD

The tools are free, just ask!


The N.E.R.D (New Engineering Reference Device) is the ultimate tool to help you design and determine features on your next plastic injection molded part. This clever device can save you thousands of dollars and prevent mistakes from happening. The tool demonstrates real world molded radii (both inner & outer), wall thickness, textures, absent & present weld lines, as well as demonstrations of sick and no sick.

AND...the Supermold Cube solves for low volume needs.


For insights & tips on how to bring your product to market... 

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