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The less expensive way to go from idea to production often times better than 3D printing.

Supermold eliminates the biggest barrier to short run plastic parts by eliminating the high tooling cost! We have modularized the mold so you only pay for the last 2 inches for the geometry of your part. This cylinder is then turned into a class 103 steel mold with a lifetime guarantee.

For medical devices this is perfect because the parts are made of the actual material that you need which greatly accelerates design validation testing which could include performance, toxicity, chemical and other factors that a 3D printed part just can't meet.

All materials! Sure we can mold your most common types of thermoplastic like polypropylene, polyethylene, polyvinylchloride, polystyrene, polyethylenetheraphthalate and polycarbonate, but we can also do higher end materials such as PEEK, ULTEM (PEI), PEKK, and PPS. You choose your actual material.


You choose your actual metal and with the MIM process (metal injection molding) we can mold Titanium alloys, Low alloy steels, Tungsten alloys, Stainless steels, High-speed steels, Copper alloys, you name it!.

Reduce costs and lead times- forget the whole 3D printing step to make models, make the real thing with Supermold, only at ASH Industries.

supermold packages.jpg


SuperMolds have these limitations: Parts must have a maximum 3/16” wall thickness, +-0.005” (0.127mm) tolerances and not have any undercuts. The molds must be “open & shut”.  See ASH for exceptions to the configuration limitations.  If you need a more customized spec, please contact us.  The price(s) above does not include plastic, MIM, or silicone materials.  MIM lead times will be longer to account for sintering.  In order to give the customer as much flexibility as possible, ASH Industries encourages customers to pick a material ideal to meet customer requirements. Customer has the option of providing their own plastic.  Further information will be needed for estimating customer manufacturing costs that includes materials. Please contact ASH Industries if you have any concerns or questions.

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